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Get Ready to Party!

At Sai Beauty Studio, we've got a great selection of spa party packages to meet the needs of you and your friends. For each of our packages, we provide a recommended number of people for your group. What better way to have fun before the big day than to have a relaxing evening with your closest friends? This package will include Manicure/Pedicure, Waxing or Threading Services and Facial. Packages can be made based on your requirements.

We use Casmara Professional Brand for Facial Mask.

To book your party, call 416-916-2537 today!

Casmara Facial $70

Now You can Look Better! 

Discover a new skin with the CASMARA masks. The beauty professionals already know the secret: the mask's vitamin supply, anti-wrinkle effect, elasticity boost, powerful firming action and their effect on the most delicate areas of your skin. Their exclusive and patented application method on eyes and lips, acts directly where it is needed most.

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