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Are you tired of tweezing your eyebrows hair by hair, trying to get the perfect shape? Do you hate ripping off skin when you wax your upper lip? Then it's time to try threading.

Try Our Eyebrow Threading

At Sai Beauty Studio, our staff is expert in Threading services. Staff has 15+ years in providing Lip Threading, Chin Threading, Eyebrow Threading and Full Face Threading . At Sai Beauty Studio, we use Vanity Antibacterial Eyebrow Threading Thread which is made of the finest quality of cotton just to apply for threading services. Our reviews are best example of our services which you can check here (click on below link):

Nowadays people have moved away from shaving, chemicals and waxing for facial hair and brow shaping, especially since reports of premature wrinkling and aging, due to waxing, have surfaced. Threading has become the chic first choice. It compliments healthy lifestyles by not contributing to any negative effects of the skin.

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of the face. Taking care of eyebrows is an important part of the makeup routine. Some women tend to overlook the importance of eyebrows or some go for over plucking of eyebrows. Both ways you are going to lose an important make up feature from your face.

Brows are the first thing people will notice about your face, even if it's subconsciously. A thick heavy brow will bring attention to just the brows. While a pencil thin brow will take attention off of the top half of the face and onto the lower part. The place that you want people to focus should always be the eyes themselves, because they are the windows to your soul.Beautifully shaped eyebrows draw attention to your eyes and give more expression to your face when you speak. They can make you look very sophisticated and also very elegant. They make people notice you more.You can get that kind of eyebrow shape from a professional threading specialist. A well-shaped eyebrow can produce an effect similar to a surgical eyelift. It will change the way you look and also the way you feel.When choosing a threader you need to feel confident they will do their best for your face. You need to find someone who is passionate about threading and experienced in both the culture and technique of this type of hair removal. It is not just a job! Don't be frightened to ask questions, a good threader will take time to talk you through the technique, what's involved and aftercare tips.Please take the time to browse through my site and find out more about other services being offered at Sai Beauty Studio. Please Call 416-916-2537 today to schedule an appointment!

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