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Add a Little Flare to Your Nails with Shellac Nail Polish

Shellac is the brand name for a new, patent pending nail product created by Creative Nail Design (CND). It is a hybrid, meaning half nail polish, half gel. The product can be applied similarly to nail polish on your natural nails (no sculpting or filing). It is cured through UV lighting, just like Gels. At Sai Beauty Studio, we are nail experts whether it is OPI Nail Polish or Shellac Nail Polish. Hundred of hands and feet would agree! Out staff is expert, educated and experienced in Shellac Nail Art. Please call at 416-916-2537 to schedule an appointment today.

Nail Services:

  • Shellac Manicure $36
  • Shellac Pedicure $47
  • Shellac Polish Change $16
  • Shellac Mani/Pedi $70

Shellac Manicure Special $36

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